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Economics Tuition Bedok Tampines

Call Simon at 96890510 to sign up!

Join our economics tuition at Bedok, Tampines, Bishan and Singapore to get a headstart in your study of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics in order to ace the A Level Economics examinations. We have the most well-prepared programme to give you the edge you need over your peers. Our experienced tutors have been in the field for many years and they will arm students with content knowledge, data analysis skills and exam-smart techniques that will prepare you for the ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level examinations. Lessons are not only bound by the four walls of the classroom as students will learn valuable skills that will be useful for them in the real world. Your child will be exposed to a wide range of questions to become familiar with different possible questions types and build proficiency and competency in knowledge and application.

How our Economics Tuition will support your child?

Sign up for our Economics Tuition at Bedok, Tampines and Bishan to ace the A Level Economics examinations. Economics Tuition Tampines trains your child to be a competent and effective economic student. Our programme equips your child with question analysis and writing skills, and answering techniques. Not only will they become inquisitive learners, they will also learn to apply what they have learnt in class in the A and O level exams.


We teach your child to become inquisitive learners

Our patient and caring tutor will mould curiosity in your child as we believe that in asking more questions, students will become more responsible for their own learning, and this consistent cultivation of inquisitiveness will allow them to seek answers to satisfy their academic hunger.


We teach your child to apply what they have learnt

Economics as a subject is a boundless academic field; almost everything can be related to the fundamental principles of economics. Our tutor will raise local and international news and issues to the class so that they can be viewed in a scholastic perspective. This is a truly important skill as it carries forward to your child’s future endeavours and everyday life.


We prepare your child for the examinations

At Economics Tuition Tampines, our programme is exam-oriented where our tutors will ensue close supervision in your child’s work to increase their efficiency and productivity in answering questions. We provide a comprehensive question bank and conduct timed class practises and discussions that is substantial to scoring the A grade.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Join our Secondary Economics Tuition located in Bishan, Bedok and Tampines where we prepare Secondary 3 and 4 students taking Economics for their school and ‘O’ Levels examination, namely the (2286) syllabus. Let our tutor guide your child and build their competency in economics.

Secondary class Schedule

JC Economics Tuition

Sign up for our JC Economics Tuition in Bedok, Tampines and Bishan. We cater to JC 1 and 2 students taking either H1 (8819) or H2 (9757) Economics, where our tutor will teach with his heart to ensure you realise your true potential in the subject and ace in the ‘A’ Level examinations.

JC Class Schedule