Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition

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JC Economics Tuition at Economics Tuition Tampines in Singapore focuses on shaping our students’ acumen and competency to be at their best when they take on the demanding, mind-boggling and stressful GCE A level examination. Tuition lessons are provided for the two H1 and H2 levels, namely the new (8823) and (9757) syllabuses respectively.

Why Join our Economics Tuition

Our tutor at Economics Tuition Tampines has over 10 years of experience in the teaching field. Hence, he understands the learning attitudes of different students, and the rigours and demands of the examinations. By teaching students to become inquisitive and exam-driven, your child will be prepared to ace the ‘A’ Levels.

  • We teach your child to be curious learners

    Our tutor will keep asking questions in class to fuel and stimulate your child’s thought process as they study a wide range of question types. Furthermore, we give opportunities for your child to clarify any doubts with the tutor anytime. With this, students will start questioning what they read and this subconsciously builds up their economics knowledge and application of concepts.

  • We teach your child to be analytical minds

    In recent years, the phrasing of questions in the ‘A’ Levels examinations have been getting trickier. With plenty of in class practices and a comprehensive question bank to emulate, our tutor trains your child’s deduction techniques to meet the requirements of the questions so that they can be awarded the marks they deserve.

  • We teach your child to be exam-driven

    "Knowing your enemy is half the battle won"

    Our experienced tutors will ensure your child knows well about the syllabus requirements from SEAB, monitor your child’s progress and give individual tips to improve their answering techniques and exam skills. Our programme features frequent timed class practices to train time management that students often struggle with.

How we teach your child during our Economics Tuition?

For H1 economics, we pinpoint the cultivation of proficient case study answering skills, such as trend analysis, factor comparison and discussion of economic impacts. These skills are to be applied in the context of economics issues discussed in the given extracts and data.

For H2 economics, lessons will cover both the essay writing and case study answering techniques, which are crucial factors for the attainment of academic success at the examinations. Students will undergo topical re-teaching and knowledge application during class practices.

Topical Teaching

The ‘A’ Level Economics can be organised into two major areas, namely Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Our tuition programme will feature topical revision that follows the schools’ respective curriculum so that your child will be familiar with the essential economic concepts and get the chance to clarify any doubts or queries.

Graphical Illustration

As the crux of the study of Economics, graphical illustrations serve to simplify the concept complexities and represent to the reader a concise understanding of the essay arguments. Our tutors will engage your child in diagram sketching lessons and build quick and efficient diagram representations to tackle the fast paced examinations.

Case-Studies Skills

Your child will also be able to gain mastery in writing. Students who have undergone our tuition classes are able to develop coherent arguments that stand above that of their peers. On top of the development of writing abilities, your child will also be taught to interpret, analyse and evaluate figures and data allowing them to reinforce his/her arguments.

Essay-Writing technique

Your child will learn to understand and apply the economics principles taught in class to practice questions. Our programme features frequent essay writing sessions, and under the guidance of the JC Economics tutors, your child will develop the ability to arrange answers and provide logical and concise explanation to ace the questions.