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Economics Tutors at Economics Tuition Tampines hail from successful educational backgrounds and seek to give back to the Singapore society by lending their teaching insights. These inspiring individuals have played a major impact in the tuition industry through their unorthodox teachings that have greatly benefited their students.

Read on to discover more about these professional educators and find out their humble beginnings.

Mr. Simon Ng


As the founder of JC Economics Tuition, Mr Simon Ng has inspired many past students’ education with his wealth of teaching experience and professional dedication. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics under the National University of Singapore (NUS), Mr Simon Ng brings an accomplished set of economics knowledge to the industry and help students to understand complicated economic concepts through his proven teaching methodology. Additionally, Mr Simon Ng stretches his students beyond their comfort zone and develop critical and abstract thinking in the academia field.

Through his teaching passion, Mr Simon Ng has also innovated various learning approaches such as the Skills Development Workshop, the Study with Simon Programme and the Internship Programme. These initiatives help his students to refine the exam-critical skills and challenge the demands of the syllabus. Resultingly, past students attain their exam confidence and went on to excel in the GCE O Level and A Level.

Mr. Justin Ng


Graduating from National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Mr Justin Ng contributes to the tuition profession with his profound insights in the field of Social Sciences. Utilising his expertise, Mr Justin Ng dissected and examined the GCE O Level and A Level Economics syllabus and produced a new educational paradigm to tutor the students of Singapore.

Mr Justin Ng has often been praised by his students regarding his teaching style and how it naturally translates into clear and concise content teaching for them. He also actively engages his students during lessons and carefully expounds on the schematics of Economics to aid in his students’ understanding. With such a structured pedagogy, Mr Justin Ng brings effective results to the table and has helped many students to achieve their desired targets in the Economics subject, thereby successfully entering prominent universities.