Secondary Economics Tuition

Secondary Economics Tuition

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Economics Tuition Tampines provides economics tuition at the Secondary school level. Economics is understandably a new subject that many students struggle with. Our Secondary Economics Tuition serves to provide a smooth and comfortable introduction to the subject for Secondary 3 and 4 students and prepare them for the ‘O’ Level examinations.

Why Join our Economics Tuition

At Economics Tuition Tampines, our main priority is providing guidance for your child in the O level examinations. That is why our exam-oriented programme will equip students with the required skill sets to tackle the paper. Join us, and your child will grow to become a proficient writer and mature economics student.

We teach your child learn smartly

Many students believe the subject of Economics is difficult. The truth is, they are tiring themselves with endless reading and memorisation of their school notes. Learn efficiently and independently as our tutor guides your child towards excellence, through recommended study methods as analysed by our experienced tutors.

We teach your child write prolifically

We teach your child to write what is needed, and not write what is not. The time management demanded in the ‘O’ Levels is unlike the PSLE, it is with much more rigour. Join us and learn how to answer the way O level examiners love it, according to the latest SEAB syllabus requirements.

We teach your child think broadly

Here at Economics Tuition Tampines, we expose your child to Economics applied in real life, and in the international news. This trains your child to be flexible in answering all types of possible question types and impress O level examiners with quality answers. Then, the ‘A’ grade will not be a problem at all.

How we teach Secondary Economics Tuition

Our tutor at Economics Tuition Tampines has many years of experience in the teaching field, and thus has compiled over thousands of questions and carefully selected suitable questions for class discussions and academic exercises for your child to learn best. Our programme also includes topical teaching and reteaching to drill in concepts for students to apply.

  • Topical Teaching

    As the ‘O’ Level Economics can also be organised into two major areas, namely Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, our tuition programme will feature topical revision to provide your child with the much-needed study of the essential economic concepts and processes to be familiar with the ideas discussed in questions.

  • Smart Reading Skills

    In recent years, the phrasing of questions in the ‘O’ Level examinations have been getting trickier. In light of this, our tutor believes in the development of smart reading skills in students, so that they will be better able to pick out keywords and the requirements of the questions. Not only will answering be easier, the speed and accuracy of their answers will be greatly enhanced.

  • Skills Development

    The development of exam-driven answering techniques for O Level Economics is achieved through the focus on three essential paper components: Multiple Choice Questions, Data Response Questions and Essay Questions. Our programme includes frequent practises in class to develop the required answering skills in your child.