Why Join Us ?

Why Join our Economics Tuition

At Economics Tuition Tampines, we have the most experienced tutor in the field. Getting in touch with countless of students over more than a decade, our programme is well prepared to guide your child the best possible study approach in facing the ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels.

How our economics tuition prepares your child?

Join Economics Tuition Tampines to learn how to apply what is learnt in class and pick up some valuable exam techniques and skills to ace school tests and examinations. We attend to all students who are prepared to put in their utmost effort to excel in Economics and achieve their best. Our dedicated tutors will analyse the curriculum in different schools and set up classes to suit your child’s pace of learning.


Learn how to apply economics principle to questions

Our tuition centre provides comprehensive study notes, and model answers for essays and case study questions, of which our tutor will go through and analyse with students thoroughly. This allows students to understand the context of economics questions and concepts, and use these materials to carry out productive learning sessions on their own.


Develop case study answering techniques

We provide guidance in the development of CSQ answering skills, such as trend analysis, comparative study of economics, basic economics-related calculations, and policy evaluation. Given the vast differences and depth of knowledge required to apply these skills well, our tuition programme will feature class practices to provide consistent learning and improvement.


Train up proficient writing skills

Students often end up rambling off when writing their answers, believing quantity equates to quality. However, most of the time they are missing out important points, or else they face time constraints towards the end of their examinations. Learn how to write succinct and to-the-point answers that gains the marks you deserve!

Hear from our students who have benefited from our economics tuition

Over the years, Economics Tuition Tampines has guided and tutored thousands of JC students to attain A’s or B’s in their examinations. Listen to what our students have to say about our tutor, Simon, and his lessons. We believe that you too can do the same. Sign up for our economics tuition and pursue your aspirations to become a better learner.